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Photo of Angelika Fick with father Richard Fick Sr and Willy Fick

Photo of Angelika Fick with father Richard Fick Sr and Willy Fick

The Art of Dissent

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The Art of Dissent: Willy Fick Catalogue:
The Art of Dissent: Willy Fick


Wilhelm Peter Hubert “Willy” Fick

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Willy on Wikipedia

Thanks to the Wikipedia expertise of author Zoë S. Roy (Calls Across the Pacific Inanna 2015; The Long March Home, Inanna, 2011 and Butterfly Tears, Inanna 2009) my great-uncle Willy Fick has a fantastic-looking Wikipedia entry. Check out Read about Fick’s past in Cologne, Germany where he was a dada artist and also read about “A Dadaist in Whitby”.

Abstammungsausweis - Proof of Heritage FRONT | BACK

From the Wikipedia Website about Willy Fick: A Dadaist in Whitby

In 1945 Fick started designing hospitals and public buildings for the High Rise Division of the City of Cologne. In recognition for his success as an artist, he was given one day off per week to pursue his art. He did not actively pursue exhibition but he did show works at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in 1959–60, at the Museum Kunstpalast /Duesseldorf Museum in 1960 and occasionally in the Aloys Faust Gallery. When his only living relative, his nephew Frank Eggert, moved to Whitby, Ontario, Fick began the first of six three-month visits; these took place between 1954 and 1967. During his time in Whitby Fick painted. Applying the eyes of his European art experiences to the Canadian landscape Fick created a unique European-Canadian fusion. When he retired from the City of Cologne in 1956 Fick travelled extensively during which time he regaled his Canadian family with illustrated letters. The letters demonstrate Fick’s lifelong love of cartooning. By the mid-1960s Fick's emphysema slowed down art and travel. He managed to execute black marker sketches of scenes in Whitby and two days before his death he was installed by Professor Michel Sanouillet as an honorary member of the International Dada and Surrealism Association in recognition of his contributions to dada in Cologne. Willy Fick was buried in Whitby on October 5, 1967.

More Willy in the World

In 2015, 180 pieces of documentation related to Willy Fick and the dada period in Cologne went to the Rheinisches Archiv Kuenstlernachlaesse, an archive for artists’ estates in Bonn, Germany. RAK holds letters, documents and photos while the Art Gallery of Ontario hosts the Fick-Eggert Collection of original art works from the dada period in Cologne. The two organizations are in a digital partnership so that scholars may benefit from seeing the art and the supporting documentation. See the list of artists Fick joins at:


pdf with images and description

colour images, oil on board, measurements in cm


Willy Fick, oil, 32x30


Willy Fick, oil, 75x49.5


Willy Fick, oil, 55x38.5


Willy Fick, oil, 26x25

Frank Eggert

Frank Eggert
Willy Fick, watercolour, 39x 52

Floating Vase

The Flying Vase
Willy Fick, oil, 23x26

The Old Orchard

The Old Orchard
Willy Fick, oil, 31.5x51.5

The Shadow

The Shadow
Willy Fick, oil, 32.5x32

Through a Kaleidoscope

Through a Kaleidoscope
Willy Fick, oil, 52.5x`75


Willy Fick, oil, 108x73


Ballenbaum | Tree with balloons

Ballenbaum (Balloon Tree)

Redner | Speaker

Redner | Speaker | jpg

Dorfstrasse | City Street

Dorfstrasse | City Street

MaedchenInHalle | Girl in the Hall

Maedchen in Halle (Girl in a Hall)

AKT | nude

Akt (Nude)



Glasdach | Glass Roof

Glasdach | Glass House | jpg

Homo Sapiens | Boxer





Groteske (Grotesque)


Morceau | jpg


Schornsteine (Chimneys)


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