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Holocaust Centre Toronto 28th Annual Holocaust Education Week
November 2 - 9, 2008

The Art of Dissent: Willy Fick exhibition at Lonsdale Gallery CLOSED

Reading and Remembrance

EDUCATION MATERIAL: Reading and Remembrance

Reading and Remembrance: 2005, The Year of the Veteran | 2006, Holocaust and Anti-Racism Education| 2007, Women and War | 2008 The Art of Dissent ~ Willy Fick | 2009, Medals and Memories | 2010, Homeland Stories

Ruth Abernethy sculpture

Ruth Abernethy, Sculptor - "One Basket"

I met Ruth Abernethy through the exhibition Franklin the Turtle and the Illustrations of Brenda Clark at the Durham West Arts Centre when I was Executive Director. At that time Ruth was best known for her sculpture of Glenn Gould which sits outside CBC in Toronto. She was about to become known as the sculptor who produced the bronze Franklin characters for the children’s garden on Toronto Island.

Ruth and her eldest son will install "One Basket" at the National Botanic Garden in Glasnevin, Dublin on the Labour Day weekend. Her work was selected from among 275 submissions for the exhibition, Sculpture in Context, which runs from Sept 6 to Oct 18, 2007. See more of Ruth’s work at

The eggs are each 24" long. I first carved a 12" egg in styrene, covered it with clear tape, drew on the pattern, then lifted it, while working out the reassembly and structure—truly a mind-bending exercise and one that makes cleaning toilets a welcome distraction! The pattern was laser cut in stainless steel and I did most of the reassembly. Doing this I hit the limits of my metal working ability and did use up most of my best cuss words.

The Muslim egg is comprised of a calligraphic panel and the silhouette of minarets separated by a space shaped like a mosque dome. The Christian egg shows a simple fish contour, a cross and chalice. The Judaic egg has the Menorah, Torah, a Testament Tablet outline and the Star of David at the base.

The barbed wire nest raises the discourse about containment/contentment within the threatening nest which is both dangerous and protective. With the nest the whole piece is 48" in diameter.


Starving Artist's Guide to Success

Angelika Hoerle

ACA Ajax Creative Arts

PineRidge Arts Council
The PineRidge Arts Council is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community by developing widespread appreciation,support and involvement in the arts.


Durham West Arts Centre

Pickering Museum Village and Pickering Museum Village Foundation

Norval Morrisseau


Alder statues

Peter Adler, Sculptor, Painter, Graphic Artist

We encountered Peter Adler's sculptures as we turned the corner about three flights up one of Tangermuende's city towers. There they were, a group of beings, caught shivering in the scant light. I found them hauntingly reminiscent of Holocaust victims; David, on the other hand, wanted his photo taken with one of his new 'friends''!

Peter Adler, born in Magedburg, has been a professional artist since 1987. After many study and work voyages he now lives in Altmark and Berlin. On his website you find examples of his extraordinary works, a map indicating where his work has taken him and contact information.

Tori Rusnac

Victoria "Tori" Rusnac ~ artist with The Art of Dissent: Willy Fick

FREEDOM Stories of South Pickering Seniors’ Club Veterans

Tom Thomson's Toronto Neighbourhoods

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