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Robbie “Kurt” Lavack is still going strong on his WWII memoirs continued

2015 WORK IN PROGRESSAnna Skrainka: Start with Me book cover

The book about Anna Skrainka and her family is based on her 36 page memoir. Chapters take readers through her life in Vienna and Hamburg before Terezin.

Walking With Oma

Walking with Oma and Alison Pick
The mentorship project with novelist-poet Alison Pick ( through the Humber College of Creative Writing ( ) accompanied me to Africa and Tristan da Cunha. I enjoyed having the electronic company of a young author who’s written about the Holocaust and more. I started the important move towards the creative part of ‘creative non-fiction’. The original manuscript, written in art history mode, shortened and picked up much-needed dialogue. Hell, the characters all started to speak at once and I’m still sorting them out!
I’m currently in editing mode, hoping to have a version to float by literary agents later this year. Here’s the first chapter with SOME of Alison’s comments still there. Since I acted on her suggestions, you’ll find things missing. Read on to see how it works because you too might want to take Humber’s web-course, the Creative Writing Mentorship Program.
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Walking with Oma -
The Skrainka family story during three centuries on three continents is told by a granddaughter who follows her Oma into history and into hell itself. continued

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Peter Adler

Aktuelles (German Media

Frog Songs (large file)

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Angelika HoerleAngelika Hoerle:
Comet of Cologne Dada


Angelika Hoerle gets
more of her due

Die Welt Zerschlagen: die Geshichte der Dada-Kuenstlerin Angelika Hoerle



le vendredi 3 octobre 2015
à 18h
en présence des artistes

Angelika Hoerle’s Heritage
Out Take One:

The Forebears aroused Polish-born, Luxembourg historian Marc Murzynski to investigate Angelika Hoerle’s “Fick” roots in what was at the time of her ancestors a Prussian Province. Murzynski Born in Massow, the hometown of Angelika Hoerle’s father and grandfather, plans a monograph on the former inhabitants of Pomerania who left or were displaced between 1900-1950. more

Angelika Hoerle’s Heritage
Out Take Two:

“The Developing Artists 1912-1914”
Things started to percolate for Angelika and Willy Fick in 1912. Willy began evening and Sunday courses in drawing and architectural drafting at Cologne’s Kunstgewerbe School. Angelika did all his assignments with him. more

Angelika's PromiseAngelika's Promise

Complete English script and Chapter One in German

Reading and Remembrance

Reading and Remembrance

YouTube 2010, 2011

Angelika (Angie) Littlefield: Writer, Curator, Communications Specialist

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Tom Thomson holiday book set now!

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Tristan ‘Tweens release two stories

Eight young people from Tristan da Cunha, the remotest island in the world, wrote and illustrated Robert’s Worst Sheep-Shearing Day, EVER and The Wreck of the MS Oliva

Elisapee of the Artic



Elisapee of the Arctic: Mallikjuak Adventure should be in every school library in Nunavut by now continued

Northern News Services STORY

The Art of Dissent: Willy Fick

Thank you for visiting The Art of Dissent exhibit at the Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto. book SOLD OUT

Aufbruch in die Moderne: Graphik des fruehen 20. Jahrhunderts aus der Sammlung Gerd Gruber

MAF Raederscheidt and Angie Littlefield

Experiment Kalltalgemeinschaft: Die Koelner Progressiven in Simonskall 1919-1921

Having the Honourary Patronship of this extraordinary exhibition arranged by Franz Tiedtke for Hohen Art was as great as meeting my good friend MAF Raederscheidt again.

White Pine Pictures still exploring Canada`s great painters continued

Ilse Salberg

Tom Thomson's toronto Neighbours

Download e-book
"Tom Thomson's Toronto Neighbourhoods" and check out the NEW YouTube video and webpage!

Nancy, Rebecca, Peter and Angie

My continuing 15 seconds of fame in Tom Thomson film
West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson, a film by Michele Hozer and Peter Raymont, screened at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in 2012, followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

West Wind

The film was also screened at the Lakefield Literary Festival July 20-23, 2012. Catch my 15 seconds as a talking head, filmed in the Leith Church and the Thomson homestead, Rose Hill. The film is lovingly shot and brilliantly executed. Research kudos go to Nancy Lang and Rebecca Middleton—sleuths par excellence. I love comparing notes with them.

Tracking down a coincidence on Breadalbane Street (see Thomson’s Toronto Neighbourhoods)

Getting Personal with Tom Thomson: Group of Seven Forerunner

Tom Thomson

The Thomsons of Durham: Tom Thomson’s Family Heritage

Check Neil Lehto's website for more Thomson material.

Thomas John Thomson
• 1877~1917

W.P.H (Willy) Fick

Willy on Wikipedia
Thanks to the Wikipedia expertise of author Zoë S. Roy (Calls Across the Pacific, Inanna 2015; The Long March Home, Inanna, 2011 and Butterfly Tears, Inanna 2009) my great-uncle Willy Fick has a fantastic-looking Wikipedia entry. Check out Read about Fick’s past in Cologne, Germany where he was a dada artist and also read about “A Dadaist in Whitby”. ... more

Lavack is Back in print that is

2012 Travel

Tristan da Cunha is a remote volcanic island in the middle of the SOUTH ATLANTIC ocean. The images show its rural splendour … more PHOTOS

The images of South Africa show Cape Town to be … more
PHOTOS: Botswana,
South Africa, Zimbabwe

Morrisseau stampFinding a better way … for Norval’s sake
I am loath to write anything about great Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau. more

Where you can see work by Norval Morrisseau
Riverbrink Art Museum, Queenston, ON,
Crawford Fine Arts, Millbrook, ON



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