Angelika's Promise

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Angelika's Promise © 2009 by Angelika Littlefield

Angelika’s Versprechen © 2009 by Angelika Littlefield

YouTube | Rehearsal photos! | Angie on YouTube: Family Secrets: An Inside View of the Short Life of Angelika Hoerle

Taryn Jorgenson

Taryn Jorgenson

Taryn is currently an acting student at Ryerson, Toronto

Taryn will play Angelika in the June 24 performance

Sochi Fried

Sochi Fried

Sochi has just completed Ryerson University's Acting program

Sochi played Angelika in the June 17 performance

Ennio Paola

Ennio Paola

Marianne Jette

Marianne Jette
Stage manager and Make-up Design

Marianne has just completed her first year at Ryerson Theatre School.





Angelika (Fick) Hoerle • 1899 ~ 1923

Exhibitions and Productions

Angelika's Promise | June 17 & 24, 2009

Angelika's PromiseFamily Secrets: An Inside View of the Short Life of Angelika Hoerle

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The Art Gallery of Ontario featured works of German art prodigy Angelika Hoerle, who died at 22 years of age in 1923, May 23 to Aug 30, 2009.

Ryerson Theatre students Sochi Fried and Taryn Jorgensen brought Angelika to life in Angelika's Promise, a monologue play, Jackmann Hall, June 17th and 24th at 7 p.m. Assisting playwright Angelika Littlefield with the direction of the play was Ryerson Theatre student Meghan Gennings. Littlefield, who also curates Angelika Hoerle: Comet of the Cologne Avante-Garde 1912-1923 says, "The exhibition shows the talent of this young woman who lived hard and died young; the play shows feminist issues of Angelika's times that continue to reverberate today."

Commets and Shadows

Comets and Shadows

Musician/Composer Ennio Paola, inspired by the life and works of Angelika Hoerle, composed Comets and Shadows, a powerful piano piece which will be part of the play Angelika's Promise at Jackmann Hall.  "Ennio captures the evanescent life of my great-aunt with echoes of her strength and her sorrow," says Angie Littlefield. "It is a haunting piece that acts as Angelika's sound signature. We are lucky to have found a composer with the sensitivity to put notes to a life."

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Musician/Composer Ennio Paola



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Podcast ONE
Born in Prague in 1894 and victim to tuberculosis in the Wulzburg Concentration camp in 1942, composer Erwin Schulhoff’s early years in Cologne add musical spice to the exhibition Angelika Hoerle: Cologne Comet of Dada.

Podcast TWO: Aspects of the New Woman
Ever since I started researching the Rhineland arts scene of my great-aunt Angelika Hoerle who died in 1923, I have been struck by the different roles strong women played immediately before and after World War I. There are many aspects to what was dubbed the new woman

Podcast THREE: Who had the right to expect what?
It has always been difficult for me to imagine why my great-aunt Angelika Hoerle would alienate her parents by eloping with Heinrich Hoerle.

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