Walking with Oma - Angie Littlefiled


Frog Song

Walking for first time on my own towards Magdeburg, I thought that the strange sounds from afar were atoms freed from the electrical wires on high towers ahead. I heard eerie, high-pitched and intermittent twirls of sound in X-file registers. I was sure the universe had come unglued. 

Much later outside Tangermuende a pond was atwitter with frogs. I advanced into the mire with my camera poised, but, wherever I approached, the sound stilled. As I scoured among the reeds for sightings, I realized that the universe hadn't come unglued near Magdeburg. I'd heard my first frog symphony. These quirky musicians were shy.

Near Bleckede, emitting from the ponds beside the dyke on which I was walking were frog songs so insistent that I used my camera to record them. Coming from Canada's bounteous natural wonders, you'd think that frog songs wouldn't be such a marvel, but, they were! Listen to the marvel of the basso prufundos, the trilling of the soloists, the consistent strains of the chorus. This was a marvel.    



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