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Walking with Oma

The Skrainka family story during three centuries on three continents is told by a granddaughter who follows her Oma into history and into hell itself.

Over 100,000 words later, my draft of Walking with Oma is in consultation with those who contributed to it in some way. Here’s feedback:

  • The fact that the story traces the Skrainka family back to their early years in Moravia and brings another perspective on WWII through the interviews with survivors, both Jewish and Gentile, is something unique. Robert Lavack, Prague
  • I found it very touching and life enhancing. It is very inspiring. Hana Kende, Britain
  • I found your manuscript very moving – in the final pages I was crying along with you. Not only is it moving, but also packed with colourful detail and written with a generous and honest heart.... unforgettable glimpses of people you met along the way, and of your Oma. Amanda Hale, Canada
  • The book is very easy to read. I am captured by your language. Constanze Hauf, Dresden
  • Thank you for the very interesting chapter on Theresienstadt revealing details of the everyday life unknown to me as my parents never talked about it. As the time came when we were interested to ask, they had passed away. Jiri Kende, Berlin

As I edit Walking with Oma down another 5,000 words, (I’m already down 7,000 words), I’m looking for a literary agent and/or publisher.


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