Johannes Raederscheidt


Angelika (Fick) Hoerle • 1899 ~ 1923

In Memoriam Johannes Raederscheidt 1918-2008

The web article "The Three Angelikas" details my visit with Johannes Raederscheidt in July 2007. I was struck by the warmth of this man who was only the second living link I had ever had with my great-aunt Angelika. Because Angelika Hoerle had died at 22 years of age in 1923, the only person I knew who had experienced the person after whom I was named was her brother, Willy Fick. As a young boy, Johannes had met both Willy and Angelika; Angelika still haunted him.

Now that he is gone, I realized that just as Angelika Hoerle was etched in Johannes' child memory through her striking beauty and kind manner, Johannes Raederscheidt will forever remain in my memory as being generous of heart. In our brief, meaningful encounter we shared memories, coffee and tears. In his eyes I saw my great aunt Angelika Hoerle--nearly 85 years after her death.

And thus it is that the dead live on.

Angie Littlefield | 416.282.0646 |

Angie Littlefield | 416.282.0646 |